Three simple steps to help you perform this activity:

Step – 1

Sign up on our website as a participant or volunteer. Find a target student audience within your local community.

Step – 2

Download the lesson plan resources and media, perform activity with your audience, become familiar with the terms & agreements of the initiative.

Step – 3

Collect the postcard materials from this group (and if possible others from the surrounding community) and mail them back to the initiative.

A Summary of Available Materials can be found on the downloads page.

Terms / Agreements:

The initiative is a student-run organization with the goal to challenge students to dream about their future in space. Collectively 100,000 postcards will be used as a cohesive voice of student dreams & demands for space exploration. The WeWantOurFuture initiative is a non-profit, 501c3 organization based in Boulder, Colorado.

The teacher / instructor is aware that:
1. WeWantOurFuture reserves the right to use the received content to promote the goals of the initiative. Promotion will be targeted to groups not limited to educators, industry representatives, government employees and elected officials.
2. It is the responsibility of the instructor to ensure that performing this activity falls within the guidelines of their respective administrative policies.
3. All information written on the postcard is at the discretion of the instructor / participant. Personal information is requested by the initiative however on an OPTIONAL basis only and is limited to the participant’s first name, home town, home state and age. Any postcards with personal information beyond what is requested will be removed.
4. The materials available for download are property of the WeWantOurFuture initiative and are intended to be used to promote the mission of the organization. Alternative uses may be enabled upon receiving written permission from the initiative.